Open your free bank account and start earning cash through profit sharing. Every little bit counts.

Free banking,
better service and


through profit sharing.

That pretty much

sums us up.


is our name.

We just


it wrong.

Servus members are also owners, which means you get top-ranked customer service and expert financial advice regardless of how much money you have. And get this: Anyone can be a member. No joke.

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Why Servus

Credit Union?

We pay you.

That’s why.

Profit sharing is an old school concept that still holds up. Here’s the gist: the more you bank with us, the more profits we pay back to you.

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You can have it all.

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Banking account.

A banking account for 17–25 year olds with no service fees? It sounds too good to be true. Well, it’s totally true. And amazing.

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Don’t let your

first home

own you.

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not cool.

Get a mortgage that helps pay for itself.
We assure you it’s a real thing.

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Retirement is mostly
pointing and

laughing at people

who have to work.


worth saving for.

Stash your cash in things like TFSAs and RRSPs ASAP. Otherwise your retirement will seem farther away than it already does. Like 75 years from now.

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